Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Sleepytot Baby Comforter!

Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Sleepytot Baby Comforter!

Sometimes even the best things can benefit from a little change, which is why our we’re proud to present the new and improved Sleepytot Comforters!

Having been a favourite on the market for over 15 years, recommended by the Millpond Sleep Clinic and endorsed by the Worldwide Baby Sleep Consultant, SleepyTot has been making it easier for little ones all over the world to find their soothers. Not only does SleepyTot have a new logo and new packaging, but we’re delighted to announce the all-new and improved Velcro! Formulating child-safe products is of course a priority, but at SleepyTot, so is lasting power.

It was important to strike the perfect balance between baby-soft, safe Velcro and a robust, effective result. After much research and testing, the perfect ratio was found! Say hello to baby-friendly non-abrasive yet strong Velcro on your Sleepytot comforter. Which means not one, but two major advantages; not only will your comforter grip tightly to your little one’s soothers/dummies, but it’ll also last longer, making for a cost-effective and more sustainable option, better for the purse and the planet!

We’d love to hear about how much you and your little darling adore your new Sleepytot favourites! We really appreciate hearing about your experiences and how your Sleepytot has helped to banish those sleepless nights. To let us know your thoughts, feel free to Contact Us, where we’ll be glad to listen, assist and answer your questions!

15th Feb 2014 Shannon


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