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Sleepytot was founded in 2006 when Lucy became a new mum to her daughter, wherein she soon discovered that one of parenthood’s biggest challenges was getting her baby to sleep through the night. Many of us parents know that whilst giving our little ones a soother can be convenient, it can also be challenging when it comes to bedtime, and thus, the “dummy runs” begin. Lucy knew that she wanted her baby to able to use their soother on their own and with ease. It had to be safe, comforting for babies and machine washable, of course! Tired of having to locate soothers/teethers/dummies countless times throughout the night and searching for a solution wherein babies can find their soothers independently, little was to be found on the market, and thus, Sleepytot’s debut product was created; none other than the original Sleepytot Baby Comforter! Slumber with ease again as you’ll be able to attach your baby’s soothers/dummies and teethers to the comforter’s paws so that they’re never too far away from your little one. What’s more, it’s the ideal multitasker too, with its ability to double up as a perfect pillow for little heads on harder surfaces for when you’re changing nappies Sleepytot has since become a favourite of parents all over the world, and with its Millpond Sleep Clinic-approved status and its endorsement by the Worldwide Baby Sleep Consultant, it’s easy to see why! Make sleepless nights a thing of the past and order yours today! is powered by the I Love Shopping Group, an award-winning end-to-end, guaranteed Irish accredited e-commerce agency specialising in providing a suite of tools to manage and grow Irish businesses. The I Love Shopping Group is the only end-to-end e-commerce provider in Ireland, and has partnered with a wealth of Irish brands and platforms to provide a best in class, unmatched digital experience and service to customers. Visit for more information.

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